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Sample Comprehensive Rate Analysis Packages (most include the proposals, see references for contact information)

Rate Setting Best Practices Guide NEW!   This guide covers dos and don'ts, myths and truths surrounding rate setting.
  This book covers rate analysis and related rate setting issues. It is aimed, primarily, at decision-makers and staff of small to medium-sized utilities.
  This guide is a companion to How to Get Great Rates, and covers things rate setters should know and do before and after rate analysis.
  Advice to utility management and decision-makers in how to solicit effectively and choose the right utility rate analyst
  A summary treatment of what it takes to set proper rates. This guide shows ratepayers what they should expect from their utility.
  An Excel spreadsheet for equipment repair and replacement (R&R) scheduling and annuity calculation. Enter data and this spreadsheet will calculate the annual annuity needed to pay for it.
  An Excel spreadsheet for capital improvements planning. Enter needs, schedule and funding anticipated over the next 10 years and this Excel spreadsheet will calculate the annual cost of cash-paid improvements and debt service.
CustomerCount   An Excel spreadsheet to inventory customer counts of water meter sizes and growth in customers.
Scoping Sheet   Questions we ask and information we gather when scoping rate analysis needs for prospective clients
  Instructions for preparing the request for proposals and qualifications for rate analysis services, which follows
  A RFPQ template, in Microsoft Word format, to use in getting rate analysis services
  If you must have a "contract," this is a letter to append to our service proposal to turn it into one
  Lists most of the data we need to do your rate analysis. To do a comprehensive analysis, you or anyone else would need to gather and use this same basic data set.
  A sample file, in Excel format, for gathering customer usage data
  Our complete listing of last 4-plus year’s clients and other qualifications
  Water rate analysis for a small mountain town - 966 connections. Includes a letter of engagement.
  Water rate analysis for a small water company switching from flat rates to metered rates - 732 connections
  Water, sewer and stormwater rate analyses for a medium city - 2,869 connections
  Water and sewer rate analyses for a medium district satelite to Casper - 1,590 connections
  Electric rate analysis for a medium city - 4,115 connections

Manhattan, KS

  Water and sewer rate analyses for a large city - 15,596 connections. Stormwater rate analysis done separately.
  Water, sewer and fire suppression rate analyses for a medium district - 3,207 connections and customers
  Water and sewer rate analyses for a large water and sewer association - 5,261 connections
  Water and sewer rate analyes for a small city- 1,969 connections
  Water, sewer, sanitation and landfill rate analyses for a medium city - 2,427 connections and customers.
  Water and sewer rate analyses for a small city - 1,207 connections
  Sewer rate analysis for a small village - 261 connections
  Water, sewer and sanitation rate analyses for a larger city - 4,346 connections and customers