Great rates are adequate, fair and appropriately simple or complex.

We serve two main client groups:

1. Those cities and districts that want to get great rates under their own power, and

2. Parties involved in a lawsuit or dispute over (aledgedly bad) rates.

We hope you are only in Group 1. Group 2 is a bad place to be. But if you are in Group 2 or headed there, we can help you prevent or solve that problem, too.

So, call to get the process started. On the phone we will scope your project for 20-30 minutes. After 290+ analyses so far, we're pretty good at phone call scoping. That call enables us to determine what services you need, and what fees we need. That and more goes in a proposal like this, that we e-mail to you. You say yes or no to service packages and we're off, or not, up to you.

Finally, if you see your state to the left, you are in line for a 25 percent discount off our fees. Click the link and read about it.


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